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These easy to use masks have odor eating zeolite with activated virgin carbon blend. They are hand held with no straps. There is a particle filter. Optional covers are an additional $6. You may use your own scarf. Your choice of Flowers, Patterns, Animal Friends, Brown, or Black.

Cost: $20.00*
Optional Covers: $6.00*
* plus shipping if nessessary
Air pollution alerts such as field burning and smog
Traffic congestion and underground parking garages
Protection from smokers and scented or perfumed folks
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Air and water filters from Hamilton Healthcare have been improving our health and well-being in homes, clinics, offices, schools and cars for over a decade. We have provided air filtration and consultation on indoor air quality to Scappoose and West Linn Public School Districts, teachers at Portland Community College, Evergreen Medical Center, Arbor View Dental Clinic, the Naturopathic College Clinic, Oregon Mortuary Board and elsewhere. With any product you buy, you will receive free valuable information researched by the directors and members of the former Oregon Ecobuilding Network.

Hamilton Healthcare air filtration systems carry the best brands of true medical HEPA particle filters, virgin activated carbons, zeolite air filters on the market for premium indoor air quality. We offer unique customized blends of various activated carbons and zeolite to clean the air of over 3,000 toxic gases and odors. We offer products that are designed, made and assembled in the USA and Canada so you know you're getting the highest quality and providing local jobs.

Please contact us at (503) 618-8115 for any questions, Specials, bulk prices, local pickup of inventory, other product lines, and replacement filters. We accept checks and cash.

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zeolite granuals ALLERAIR AIR TUBE
  This special lightweight steel model is PORTABLE with a Pre-filter, Medical Grade HEPA Filter and 7 lbs of Activated Virgin Carbon in a one-inch deep REFILLABLE steel mesh tray. This is a green machine, as it is refillable with local bulk carbon and prefilters available locally with Hamilton Healthcare (no shipping cost). The Air Tube has an option of specially blended activated carbon mix; which effectively removes VOCs (the most common dangerous chemicals in air pollution) and radiation products.
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  This model received the National Sleep Foundation award! Five levels of pollution control filtration: 60 sq. ft. of particle capture with a HEPA (High Efficiency Particle Accumulator developed for protection in nuclear energy power plants), 15 lbs. of Activated Coconut Shell Carbon (the premium industry wide carbon for removal of toxic gases as radiation products), large particle Prefilter that traps dust bunnies, pet hairs, and a medium size Particle Prefilter with HEGA Carbon Cloth as used in military air filters.
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sale purifier filter Bulk Activated CarbonNatural odor eating Zeolite is reusable. It is Solar Recyclable. The volcanic mineral Zeolite is an activated alumina, which has a larger pore internal surface area than carbon. This porous Zeolite allows the material to adsorb larger molecules than carbon, such as Ammonia, Methane, Butane, Nitric Oxide, Propane, Acetylene, Carbon Dioxide, Argon, Hydrogen Sulfide, Sulfur Dioxide, Carbon Monoxide and others. Reusable Zeolite saves money, just bake it out with heat or sunshine.

$3 per lb. plus shipping.
Minimum 4 lb. order

Media of zeolite in bulk: can reduce shipping by pickup.

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  Bulk Activated CarbonVirgin Coconut Shell Carbon is the best carbon for removal of over 3,000 airborne toxic gases. This activated carbon is considered superior to those obtained from other sources, mainly because of a small macropores structure which renders it more effective for the adsorption of gas and vapor and for the removal of oxidants, impurities and odor of compounds. It is made from select grades of high quality coconut shell and certified by nonprofit testing.

$6 per lb. plus shipping.
Minimum 4 lb. order

Media of carbon in bulk: can reduce shipping by pickup.

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handmade mitts handmade fingerless mitts
  $30 ea. Free shipping. View more!
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handmade yarn flowers yarn flowers
  $8 ea. Free shipping. View more!
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